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cummins natural gas

cumminsWhen one thinks of Cummins, they may think of diesel engines, but in Clovis, NM, Cummins means natural gas and alternative fuels.

The Cummins Natural Gas Engines, Inc. facility in Clovis is an engineering and assembly center that takes components from other Cummins locations worldwide to operate on natural gas and propane. These engines, ranging from 49 horsepower to 1,334 horsepower, are used in industrial and power generation applications worldwide.

Cummins has been in operation for 40 years in Clovis. The business was purchased from a Cummins distributor on March 2, 1987 and has grown in employment to approximately 50 employees today. The facility is 42,000 square feet and located near the Curry County Fairgrounds, next door to Xcel Energy.

According to Plant Manager Scott Odom, Cummins’ Clovis location serves two markets – the power generation
and industrial markets. In the power generation market, these engines are primarily used to generate electricity. They’re used in two scenarios. One is use as a stand-by application for businesses such as hospitals or computer warehouses, where access to power at all times is critical. The second is for continuous duty power, which is used at sites where electricity is not present like an oil pump, for example. The generator supplies power to the oil pump by operating on the available underground gas.

What’s unique about the Clovis Cummins location is that there are no robots, as one might picture in a plant. The Cummins engines arrive at the plant configured to operate on gas and the Clovis-based team finishes the build, installing the ignition, speed control, cooling packages, performing quality checks and production tests, and outfitting the engines for Natural gas, Propane, or Field gas. It’s one Cummins Inc. location where the sole focus is on alternative fueled engines.

Cummins projects that by 2020, nearly 30 percent of the high horsepower engines it produces will be natural gas, primarily because of the increasing abundance of the fuel and the relatively low cost of natural gas.

What sets Cummins apart from their competitors is the company’s dedication to quality. “Quality is the key to our products,” said Odom. “Our customers rely on our products to run their businesses or to provide them power at a critical time so it’s essential that we produce the highest quality products.” In addition, the Clovis plant encourages employees to cross train to maximize efficiencies.

Cummins also has made a major impact on the local area by giving back. Recently Cummins employees partnered with the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico to provide $10,000 toward a backpack program for children in need. In 2011, Cummins helped secure a refrigerated food truck for the organization and in 2012 they helped provid a $17,000 environmental seed grant to help the food bank to begin using high efficiency light bulbs in the facility, which resulted in a more than 50 percent savings.

Each year, Cummins employees make it their mission to give back to other organizations, as well, such as the Matt 25 Hope Center, Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. “Cummins is committed to improving the communities where live and operate,” said Odom. “We understand that our business is only as healthy as the communities where we operate, so we will continue to do our part to make Clovis a stronger community.”

The business continues to grow steadily.

The Clovis Industrial Development Corporation (CIDC) spearheaded a retention and expansion project with Cummins Natural Gas Engines and the City of Clovis. The CIDC purchased the building where Cummins produces their engines. Since then, the CIDC is committed to keeping the rent below market prices to ensure operating costs remain low and that this valuable company stays in the Clovis area. CIDC continues to work with Cummins as they explore future expansion opportunities.

Business Stats: Cummins Natural Gas
Engines, Inc.
Employees: 50
Product/Service: Natural gas engines Geographic Market Served: International
Year Established: 1987

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