Cannon AFB


cannoncharts The men and women of the 27th Special Operations Wing pride themselves in being great community partners in eastern New Mexico. The Economic Impact Statement provides the public with key unclassified information about the resources and economic impact of Cannon Air Force Base on the surrounding community.

The installation’s economic impact on the local community is calculated from local area spending based on budgetary expenditures.

The 27th Special Operations Comptroller Squadron prepared this document in accordance with AFMAN 65-506 and incorporates inputs from numerous sources, including on-base activities, other governmental agencies (federal, state, and local), and the local community. To the best of our knowledge, the facts and figures contained throughout are ac-curate at the time of publishing. However, we used approximations in some instances to ensure operational security. Also, where data was not readily available, estimates were used to reflect the general level of activity. These estimates and approximations do not diminish the accuracy of this report nor the base’s impact on the surrounding communities. Despite tough economic times in 2013, Cannon Air Force Base contributed over $591 million to eastern New Mexico in the form of purchases, creating jobs, and procuring services and commodities from local businesses.facts

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